don't let haters get me off my grind

my name is wyatt and i'm a boy
(most of the time)

I still have the texts from that day of me telling my dad I didn’t wanted to stay home alone while they all went to dinner. I should’ve gone with them.

I love how it’s an unspoken rule in my family to never let me be home alone. Do they think they can do that forever or that it’ll make it not happen again eventually. Who knows lmao

There’s a line between loving fat peoples bodies and fat fetishism…please don’t cross it

I have a lot of really weird sexting stories from my 2 month long sext a new guy every night phase

I would let Niall put it anywhere like honestly if he wanted to fuck my armpit I’d squirt lube all up in it idgaf

Anonymous: Ima dole out some real advice: It's all about lube and patience. Once you get a finger in there and you feel like it won't go any further, you just gotta wait it out. Focus on your breathing and eventually your body should start to relax. Just take your time.

Sounds like too much work I’ll just stick to jerking off